Gil Scott-Heron, September 2007

Unsourced information on Wikipedia says Scott-Heron got out of prison (again) for cocaine possession this spring and played at SOB's in New York City in September. He was scheduled to play again October 11th, 2007, but was arrested again the day before. The Wikipedia entry also states Scott-Herron says he is HIV positive. This video appears to be footage from that first SOB's concert, advertising the October 11th concert that never happened.

From Home is Where the Hatred Is (1971):

"you keep saying, kick it, quit it, kick it, quit it
God, but did you ever try
to turn your sick soul inside out
so that the world, so that the world
can watch you die"

Vintage Gil Scott-Heron Video
"The Bottle" . (mid-70's)
"Is That Jazz?" (This is why YouTube was invented!!)
"B Movie!"
Whitey on the Moon / Alien (Hold On
) (Fantastic quality)

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